Digital Voice Recorder: We believe this is one of the most important pieces of equipment that any paranormal investigator can possess.  Audio recordings can produce some of the best evidence an investigator can hope for.  No need to purchase an expensive recorder, though.  Just ensure that your recorder has external microphones or a plug-in option for one and a USB port.

Dowsing Rods: This is another tool that can be purchased very cost effectively.  It is, however, also a debated tool.  The belief is that the spirits are able to manipulate the rods to indicate "Yes" or "No" responses, for example.  We encourage anybody who uses this tool to research proper handling techniques to ensure your evidence is as strong as possible

Ovilus V: This is another piece of equipment built by Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing.  It is the newest in a long line of verbalizers made by the company.  The idea is that spirits are able to manipulate the environment around the antenna to create words, making it easy to communicate directly with the spirits.  This particular model comes with several other features, including proximity meter, true/false mode, a drawing feature, and a movement detector.  

Full Spectrum GoPro Video Camera: With the advent of the GoPro-style cameras we've been able to trade in our bulky and cumbersome CCTV system for several of these smaller cameras.  These cameras run independently of each other so there are no cords to run throughout a location, and because they are small and lightweight they can be easily moved if things heat up in a new part of the investigation scene. (These cameras have been converted to full spectrum capabilities.  Some paranormal equipment websites sell them already converted, but there are instructions available online for doing it yourself if you're technically inclined.)

Events   (click on the picture for event info)

Education is one of the most important aspects of what we do.  We are constantly educating ourselves on new theories, new techniques, historical information, and various other topics.  With that, we also feel that educating the public is equally important.  This section is devoted to bringing enlightenment to those interested in the paranormal.

KII Meter: This is an EMF meter that most paranormal investigators are familiar with because of their popularity on paranormal tv shows.  Once turned on, the device will indicate the strength of EMF waves being detected by lighting up the colored bulbs on the end of the meter.  A solid understanding of EMF is important for proper use of this device.  

There is so much to be gained from talking to other people in the field.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to attend public events.  Even though we're a group who has been studying the paranormal for several years and have put on public events of our own, we still enjoy attending those put on by other groups.  You never know what you might learn or experience by doing so.  Below are some of the groups whose events we've attended and encourage others to do so as well.

SLS (Structured Light Sensor) Camera: This camera was invented by Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing and made its debut on Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures.  The camera utilizes the same technology as the Xbox Kinect, sensing and mapping out human figures.  When an anomaly is acquired a stick figure will appear on the camera's screen.  It is this camera that allows users to actually see the spirits they are communicating with.  This has become one of our favorite pieces of equipment as well as one of our most popular.  (See "What We've Seen" for screen shots taken with this camera.)

RT (Real Time) EVP Recorder: This digital voice recorder allows the user to listen to their recording in nearly real time.  There are several ways to use this tool, but S.E.E. prefers to have one user listen during a vigil using headphones.  The listener hears what is taking place on a 3-5 second delay.  By doing this, if there are any verbal responses to the questions being asked, the listener can notify the group and they can followup on the queue.  (The session is still recorded and able to be played back later, just like a normal digital voice recorder.)

Anybody who has switched on the tv and seen a show documenting paranormal occurrences knows that the equipment available to any researcher today is vast and varied.  The field has come a long way from the days when a notebook, a candle, and some flour were about all an investigator required.  Now there are all kinds of tools being utilized- some of them are just as basic as what the first investigators were using, while others may require a small loan from the bank.  No matter the budget, there is equipment being sold to meet an investigator's every need.

Below are some of the pieces of equipment that our group uses.  

Boo Buddy: A relatively new tool, Boo Buddy was created to be its own investigator.  This trigger object (something that is considered to be familiar to the spirits and used to encourage communication or activity) has the ability to detect changes in the environment, including EMF, movement, vibrations and temperature.  The bear indicates these changes with lights in its paws and tummy or by asking a question.  For example, if Boo Buddy detects a drop in temperature he will then ask, in a child-like voice, "Did you make it cold in here?"  Paired with a camera or digital voice recorder, Boo Buddy can conduct vigils by himself while investigators concentrate on other areas.

Reading is one of our favorite ways to educate ourselves.  Since the field of paranormal research is so new, there is a wealth of knowledge and different perspectives to be had.  Some of these books are a bit older so technology has surpassed what was originally discussed, but we don't feel that that makes these books any less useful.  We encourage anybody curious about the paranormal or looking to get involved in the field to check into these reads.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

E Sensor: Created by Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing (equipment developer for Ghost Adventures), this sensor indicates the presence of EMF energy.  The detector is connected to a 9 volt battery and then placed in a central location.  As energy approaches it, the box will light up with color indicating strength.  S.E.E. Paranormal has been able to conduct full interviews with spirits using this small box alone.  (This is sold as part of a kit by Digital Dowsing.)


Mel Meter: This is another tool frequently seen on the TV shows.  It is used to read temperature and EMF in an area.  Changes in either can indicate the presence of an entity.  Some meters are also equipped with a "Proximity Meter" which works like an E-Sensor, indicating when a spirit is near.  (Our meters do not have this add-on option.)   

Tools of the Trade​

Shack-Hack Radio: This is another version of the SB7, but it is created by converting certain models of Radio Shack transistor radios.  Once modified, the radio will freely sweep radio waves, allowing for communication with those wishing to speak.  A list of capable radios can be found online, as well instructions for making modifications.

SB-7 Spirit Box: The spirit box has become one of the most popular ways to communiate with spirits.  The device scans radio channels at varying rates.  It is believed that spirits can then use these waves to communicate.  While it can take practice and patience to be able to hear possible communiation through static and radio traffic, it can be a hugely useful tool.  We have been able to get names of the spirits we're communicating with and then find details of the person's life through historical documents.  This is a device that we trust and rely on heavily.

Seek Thermal Camera: Anybody who has watched one of the paranormal investigating shows has likely seen a thermal camera in use.  With the ability to see heat signatures, these cameras have created some of the most amazing evidence on tv.  But until recently these cameras also came with a hefty price tag.  This camera, which plugs into a phone or tablet, gives the user a similar experience to a larger camera for a fraction of the cost.  This particular camera allows for video or still pictures.

EDI Meter: This multi-tool measures EMF, temperature, and vibration.  It can be especially useful in locations that claim to have footsteps or other reports of movement.  The lights on the front of the device mean that it can be set down in front of a camera and left to run if need be.  This is quickly becoming one of our favorite pieces of equipment.

Bobbers: This simple yet effective tool was introduced to S.E.E. Paranormal by Adrian Lee and The International Paranormal Society at one of their public events.  The bobbers are stood up on the hook cover (upside down) in active locations.  Spirits are then encouraged to push the bobbers over or to move them as an indication of their presence.  Since they are lightweight and plastic, not only are they believed to be more easily manipulated by spirits, but when they are pushed, they create enough noise to alert the investigators to the activity.  Simple and cost effective!

Maglite Flashlights: Not only are these great for finding your way in the dark, but they can be a very interesting communication tool.  There is debate in the field about the validity of flashlight responses, but S.E.E. Paranormal has been diligent in researching our process and we feel that the results can be valuable.  Our belief is that spirits are able to manipulate the beam's strength and light with their own energy.  By doing so, they're able to answer yes/no questions, count, etc.  We do feel it is important to establish that the flashlights are being used for true communication rather than just being "played with".  (See "What We've Seen" for a video of flashlight play at Farrar Elementary.)  

Suggested Readings​  (click on the book for more info)

Full Spectrum Camera: Photographing an area you're investigating can be very important for helping to rule out other causes when considering evidence.  Any digital camera can be used for this purpose.  A full spectrum camera, on the other hand, is more beneficial during an investigation  These cameras are able to see light that the human eye or even IR (infrared) cameras cannot.  The current belief is that spirits are more easily detected and even seen in these spectrums of light.  We were able to capture what appears to be a spectural cat on a homeowners bed during an investigation of a private home using one of these cameras.  (See our "What We've Seen" section.)