Jail House Inn

‚ÄčElkader, IA

  • Little Girl Singing0:05

Wieting Theatre

Toledo, IA

  • Male Whisper0:03

  • Don't Go0:01

Granger House Museum

‚ÄčMarion, IA

Edinburgh Manor 

Scotch Grove, IA

  • Male0:03

  • 0:02

Experience: What We've Heard

  • Help me0:01

  • 0:13

  • Male Voice0:02

  • Knocking0:07

  • Flash0:04

  • It's Broken0:05

 EVP's, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, are voices or other sounds that are not heard in real time but can only be heard during recording review.  

EVP's are classified into three categories.

  • Class A: Very clear and audible, easy to decipher what is being said
  • Class B: Very clear and audible, harder to decipher what is being said
  • Class C: Audible, difficult to decipher what is being said

Here are a few examples of EVP's that our team has been able to capture during investigations.  In most cases, we've omitted what we believe the spirit to be saying so you can draw your own conclusions.  

  • 0:05

  • 0:02

  • 0:00

Belvoir Winery

Liberty, MO

  • 0:01

  • 0:02

Farrar School 

Farrar, IA

  • 0:22

*To provide the best examples, we have amplified some of our recordings on this website.  While we typically encourage the use of headphones when listening for EVPs, we wanted to ensure an easy listening experience to all those visiting our site.  When completing our evidence reviews, we do not enhance our findings in any way, including amplification.