Periwinkle Place Manor B&B

​Chelsea, IA

The group was joined by another spirit in this same room.  You can see that this figure is much taller than the original one.  Our presumption was that this was the same adult and child who had joined the group on the 3rd floor.  If you look closely, this figure appears to be leaning against the wall watching the group conduct their vigil.  He even has his left leg propped up by placing his foot on the wall.  

Setting: This is in a classroom.  We have 2 mag-lite flashlights each sitting on a file cabinet at the front right side of the room.  Approximately 5 feet from this file cabinet is the teacher's desk, where team member Shandrelle was sitting stationary.  Team member Adam was standing at the back of the room.  Team member Sarah, who is recording, is sitting stationary in a desk in the middle of the room, approximately 12 feet or more from the file cabinet.   There is nobody within arms reach of the file cabinets or the flashlights.

Sarah is using the record option on a Fuji camera and has the view zoomed in on the flashlights.   The movement in the video is caused by Sarah as she did not have the camera on a tripod at the time.  Stabilizer has been added to limit the movements.

The anomaly that can be seen approaching the flashlight on the left was not visible to her or any of the other team members at the time of the recording.    

This figure was captured in one of the guest rooms on the 2nd floor of the bed and breakfast.  You can see that there is a rocking horse in the room and a figure appears to be standing in front of it.  The group advised the figure that it was welcome to sit on the rocking horse.  (Another group who had previously investigated here was able to get video footage of the horse appearing to rock back and forth on its own.)

This shot is from the same vigil.  You can see that now the original figure has moved to sit in the chair to the right of the table.  If you look towards the right bottom corner you can see that his legs appear to even be crossed.  A second figure has joined the group and appears to be sitting on the table holding the lamp.  

This picture was taken on the 2nd floor of the building.  We were advised by our guide to remain in the hallways as the floors had collapsed in several of the rooms.   This room was no exception- the floor had completely given way.  All that remained was some pipes against the far wall.

One piece of equipment that we use is called an SLS camera, or Structured Light Sensor camera.  It was created by Bill Chappell and was first used by Zak Bagans and company on the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures.  While there is much debate about its validity, we believe that its results speak for themselves.  The camera, which utilizes the same technology as the Xbox Kinect, is able to detect and map out human figures of energy, presumably that of spirits and ghosts.  These figures then show up as stick people on the device's screen.  In order to validate our findings, we often ask the spirit to perform a small act, such as waving to us or reaching out and touching our hand.  We believe that by doing this our evidence is harder to refute as the actions are clearly deliberate and intelligent.  Below are a few screenshots of the spirits we've been able to map and interact with.  (This camera does record video, however, these are just screenshots from our videos.)

Setting: This was taken in a bedroom.  The full spectrum camera was on a tripod facing the bed.  M.C. was standing directly behind the camera, while team member Kerry and the home owner sat on the floor at the end of the bed.  There was also a video camera set up in the area that confirmed the lack of movement by the team while these pictures were taken, and the shadow image did not appear in the video at all.  

We were called to a private home that had remained in the homeowner's family for several generations.  The homeowner had experienced several things, including footsteps, voices, being touched, and movement on the bed while they slept.  A recent loss of a beloved cat appeared to be the culprit for the bed movement, as evidenced by these pictures taken in quick succession by our full spectrum camera.  M.C. captured a shadow appear on the bed near the pillow and move position within a matter of about 1 second.

Here his arms appear to be crossed over his chest and his left leg is crossed in front of his right as he continues to lean against the wall.

Here, a figure has been mapped out standing between the couch and wall in a guest room on the 2nd floor.  This figure stayed with the group for most of their vigil but appeared to be more interested in observing than interacting.

 (The blue object is merely luggage.)

This picture was taken on the 3rd floor of the Periwinkle Place Manor B&B.  Team member Adam has the SLS camera pointed towards a small table that holds a lamp and is sitting between two chairs.  A figure appears between the chair on the left and the table.  The team was able to have intelligent interaction with this figure during their vigil.

Setting: This photo was taken by team member M.C.  She did not notice anything on the view finder of her camera as she took this picture, but upon closer review later she recognized what appears to be a face peering out of the slats in the door.  

In an effort to be as thorough as possible in debunking the face in the picture, we asked another team to take a look.  This team had been on location with us and proved to be very knowledgable about the paranormal.  For this reason, we felt they would be a good option for a second opinion.

  These pictures were sent to us by the team's visual evidence expert.   By changing the exposure on the pictures, he was able to determine that this anomaly was part of the original picture and had not been added after the fact.  After inspecting it thoroughly he also concurred that it appeared there was a face looking out the door.

 Belvoir Winery, located in Liberty, MO was originally opened by the Long Fellows organization as a school and orphanage.  Eventually, it would also include a hospital, "old folks home", and cemetery.  Today, the main building serves as a beautiful venue for weddings and other affairs.  The other buildings on the property, the ones that lay vacant and decaying, have a much different feel to them, however.  Perhaps that's because it is within these buildings that the past is still alive. 

At the team's encouraging, the figure appeared to sit on the rocking horse.  This is considered intelligent interaction.

...And the spirit complied.  

Kingsley Inn

​Fort Madison, IA


Experience: What We've Seen 

While a little difficult to see against the red background, you can see an adult sized figure is mapped in front of the camera.  This occurred in the basement of the hotel.  Team member Adam asked the figure to come closer...

We have found Maglite flashlights to be a very powerful tool in communicating during our investigations.  In this shortened clip from Farrar Elementary School, we intended only to show how the lights were going on and off in relation to our questions.  If you watch the flashlight on the left, however, you'll see an anomaly that still puzzles us today.